I was so unbelievably excited for this trip. I had been to Barcelona years ago with work and fell in love so I couldn’t wait to show Chris was a beautiful city it was. We made this trip our 5th year anniversary celebration too 🙂

We booked to stay at the Melia Barcelona Sky, very stylish and chic, I loved the decor! We were quite disappointed to find out that the bar and restaurant were closed due to refurbishments but all the more reason to venture out. Our room had an amazing view of the skyline, running through the city and out to the beach. 


Another reason why I love Barcelona, a city with a B E A C H!

We had been up since 3am and travelling all morning so once we arrived at the hotel a little after midday, obviously, we took a nap! Relaxed at the hotel for a few hours and then got ready to hit some bars yay!

We took a taxi to the beach front, stopped off in CDLC (Carpe Diem Beach Lounge & Club) and ordered Sangria & tapas and watched the world go by…

Then we moved onto Shôko for cocktails and some music! There’s lots of cool little bars and restaurants along the beachfront so if you’re looking for somewhere to hang out, it’s deal and then later in the evening as you can guess, it gets lively.


The weather was a bit hit & miss when we arrived but Friday morning brightened up, we took a taxi to La Ramblas as we were about 20 minutes away. We love to just walk and explore until we can’t go any  further so that’s exactly what we did for the rest of the day. Home of two of my absolute favourites; Zara & Mango, so of course I had to have a peak..

We came across La Bouqueria Market, Chris & I are such foodies so we were in our element! We got here just after midday but I would recommend going early if you can as it gets very busy … you want to experience the best atmosphere too. So many little places dotted around for food and drinks.



This was by far my FAVOURITE day of the trip! We went to Sagrada Familia in the morning, the sun was glorious so my freckles and happy face were beaming! So many tourists, us included but also lots of locals too but it was the festival of Saint Jordi which is kind of like Valentines day ❤

Dress F&F Clothing
Gladiators Warehouse
Back pack ZARA
Sunnies Celine 

Chris and I kept seeing everyone walking around with roses, people were dotted all along the pavement selling them. At first we thought it was just around the Sagrada Familia area but as we head over to Park Güell (40 minutes from where we were) everyone had them!! Anyway just to give you a little background, St Jordi’s Day is the most romantic day of the year in Barcelona, it is also the feast of St George who is the patron saint of Catalonia.

13334319_10154042503285240_808745003_o (1)IMG_9487IMG_9488


We got to Park Güell which was surrounded by little streets with pretty pastel coloured doors and flowers, so quaint, I love the Spanish houses. But after all that, we got to the entrance & we were told we couldn’t get in until 6pm which meant like a 3 hour wait so we turned around & took a taxi to Salt Restaurant at the W Hotel. Lunch on the beach wasn’t so sad at all.. especially because it was such a BEAUTIFUL DAY!

Cocktails & burgers.. what more could you want 😉




Chris was like a big kid super excited because we’d got tickets to a football match at Camp Nou. We stepped out of the hotel, called a taxi and the heavens opened :’) typical plastic rain macs for two please! I wasn’t sure how this night was going to pan out but after the longest taxi ride ever, we just about made it. Beers in hand, we got to the pitch and we had such a laugh in the end, singing in the rain, watching the sun set over the grounds & just enjoying the atmosphere!


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