2015 Travel Diary..

I didn’t quite get as far as posting my 2015 travels on my blog before the clock struck midnight on 31 December but here it is…..

So we all spend the last day of the year reflecting on the last 365 days and although I did, it was also quite an eventful day so my emotions were all over the place. I’ve had an incredible journey this year, lots of ups and downs but my family, friends and job have honestly kept me going.

My job gives me so many opportunities and has opened so many doors for me. It may look easy to some, fun and like the best job in the world for a girl in her 20’s but I’d just like to point out that I’ve worked hard to get where I am, all hours of the day at the best of times, there’s been lots of sweat & tears but I wouldn’t give it up for anything else right now… well unless something even better comes along! Try me?!

The best advice I can give is to just believe in yourself. After leaving school, I had no idea where I’d end up but I’m so grateful for the people in my life who have always supported me from day one and those that continue to give me the opportunity to prove myself. I’m fortunate to get to travel and I learn so much along the way. Travelling is such an eye opener and my list is now never ending!

Anyway, lets get to the fun part…

First stop – Miami, Florida, January 2015 

This time last year, I was preparing for a trip to Miami. I would have to say, it was one of my favourites. Firstly, work were sending me to the sunshine for 2 weeks in the Magical City. I got to spend lots of time with some of my favourite colleagues/friends and finally Chris, my boyfriend came out to visit me! It wasn’t a holiday, I was there for work & believe me, it was a tough one but you most definitely have to laugh about it now!


Amazing views of sea & city, American cuisine with a seafood twist – Rusty Pelican, Key Biscayne
Dolores but you can call me Lolita, Downtown Miami
South Beach & Art Deco
Shopping – Lincoln Road
Best authentic Cuban food – Larios on the beach
Mexican twist – Rosa Mexicano, Downtown
Casual Italian dining – Perricone’s Downtown 


  P A L M  T R E E S  S N A P

Sunglasses French Connection
Top River Island
White Skinny Jeans River Island
Rose Gold Sandals Asos
Black Tote Bag Micheal Kors 

February 2015 – Amsterdam

As soon as I was back to the UK from Miami, I got rid of the warm clothes & packed for an short trip to Amsterdam for some project management training!

March 2015 – Athens 

I went to Athens, Greece for a week! The weather was odd, during the day it was beautiful & sunny but the evenings were cold, jacket & ankle boots required. We ate at a few lovely restaurants, the food was amazing – no surprise! Greek food is also my favourite so I was very pleased. I also got to put a face to a name, Vicky who I’ve spoken to a number of times via email but never met face to face! Definitely looked after me that week, we clicked so well, lots of laughter! I was very grateful as these trips can be long and draining when you’re on your own!


My night off so I met Miss Vicky for some cocktails


June 2015 – Ireland

Flew to Dublin for another work event at the Intercontinental Hotel and then my Dad flew out to meet me! We spent one day in Dublin then on to visit family in County Westmeath. I hadn’t been there for years and it felt just the same then as it did when I visited as a child.

Thanks to Daddy’s cousins for putting us up for the night in their beautiful home!

Meet my Papa 🙂
S T E A K – by far my favourite meal
Beautiful settings at Powerscourt


By far the best trip of the year …

Chris & I went off to Rhodes in Greece for a little break. I’m kind of obsessed with Greece, I would say it’s one of my favourite places. We stayed in a town called Lindos & our place was amazing, we had a private pool and the traditional decor was exactly what I wanted. St Paul’s Bay is within walking distance and the village is an extremely short taxi journey or a nice stroll of you fancy it.

I love Greek food, we went to some really nice restaurants and our favourite bar would have to be Antika Bar. It was Chris’ birthday whilst we were out there so of course we had a lovely day at the Bay, snorkeling and then went to Meleno’s rooftop for dinner then of course, we ended up back in Antika for cocktails! Loved the atmosphere & music.


Chris’ Birthday 🍾
St Paul’s Bay


Tambakio Restaurant, St Paul’s Bay

This restaurant was Greek & Mediterranean cuisine. It was so perfect, I would dream to have my own place like this in one of the most beautiful bays. An amazing venue for weddings (hint hint, nudge nudge, wink wink!) It was buzzing all day and into the night, candle lit dinners on the beach or drinks and good music, what more could you ask for!

I’m kind of bikini obsessed and this was a last minute buy which I love!

Bikini Matalan
Sunglasses Raybans (Chris’ 😂) 

September – Prague 


Onto my next trip which I was really looking forward to, Prague is somewhere I’ve always wanted to visit and I was spending the week with two of my favourites – the Parisian chick & my Sister from across the pond in Chicago! We actually had a really fun week, long days with super early starts but lots of giggles along the way. It’s so nice when you get to do these trips with a small team as well, it makes work a lot easier!

On Sunday before it all kicked off, we managed to sneak in some time to be tourists around town. We took the Metro from our hotel and then walked through the Old Town Square, across Charles Bridge which overlooked sunset so it was perfect timing! We also managed to find the Lennon Wall which was my favourite. Since the 1980s it has been filled with John Lennon inspired graffiti and snippets of lyrics from Beatles’ songs.

River Boat with my faves 🙂

On our final night in Prague, we went to a stylish restaurant on the bank which overlooked the water and Charles Bridge. It was called Hergetova Cihelna and had amazing views of the city. We celebrated Laurie & B’s birthdays, delicious food, good company & of course, our favourite prosecco of the week!

Priska 🙂


DEFEATED ME but was delicous!!

Next stop, back to… – Athens, Greece


Apologies for the long post… but this was probably the busiest trip of the year as we held our Global Conference in Greece & was also the first time I saw my long lost sister since she had left the UK!

I didn’t actually get to see much of Athens but I have been before so was fine with that. I got to spend a lot of time with my fave GT family.

So the plan was for me to pick Casey up on route to the airport but she surprised me a few days early in the office & I was so shocked and happy to see her, I just cried my eyes out in the middle of the office :’)

We stayed at the Hilton, Athens which was modern and overlooked the Acropolis Hill. My room was beautiful and had a really good view! I got to catch up with lots of friends but also made some new ones. Leonie came to join us from Germany to work on her event skills & get some experience and Christina from our local office helped out with the running of the conference for the week so we had a mixed little team going on and an absolute laugh we had too!  One of my favourite nights that week was dining in Plaka, Athens Old Town. Of course, we had lots of traditional Greek food which just so happens to be my FAVOURITE cuisine, lots of wine which I normally don’t drink but I had a few – oops and then onto the streets to find some good bars where I had far too many G&T’s 🙂

We ended up in a bar called Brettos and it took a few minutes but as we found a good spot for the night & looked around, we noticed that the majority of familiar faces were also cramped into this tiny bar with us & we’d pretty much taken over the place. I hadn’t laughed this much in a long time so it was safe to say, we had a good night!


Our final night of the conference was spent at the Athens Olympic Velodrome, the entire venue was transformed. Good food, good company and live music… the dancing was something else this eve! Heels off, drink in hand  you know me 🙂

Before we left, dinner overlooking beautiful Athens with the team

San Juan, Puerto Rico

October was an extremely busy month for me, I think I spent 2 weeks travelling & 2 weeks working around the clock preparing for each trip! At the end of October, I took a trip to San Juan with my team. I flew with Virgin which was awesome, have never flown with them before, stopped off in Atlanta which is a city I would love to see but unfortunately, no spare time.


We stayed at the Caribe Hilton in San Juan for the week, the weather was beautiful, super hot for the weekend so although we were working, it was nice to be outside & enjoy the infamous pina colada when we were done ! I would have loved to explored San Juan a little more but towards the end of the working week, we did manage an afternoon in Old San Juan.  The humidity was extreme but the sunshine was gorgeous so I could hardly complain… especially as it was freezing cold and raining back home.


I really do LOVE palm tress and the hammocks here just looked so dreamy..

This just looks like an ordinary pizza… but believe me, it was quite possibly one of the BEST pizzas I’ve ever had! Piola Express, Pizzeria Artesanal’s finest pepperoni!


That almost sums up the travel diary… but head over to my Manila to Singapore post for my final destinations before Christmas.


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