Friday 11 December -Tuesday 15 December 2015

Checked out of Manila & almost 10 hours later, I find myself in Singapore. I pick up my luggage, of course some alcohol and was off to find myself a taxi. After receiving a few confusing & drunken texts from my crazy little friend, I couldn’t work out if she was going to jump out on me any moment at the airport, so of course I am all eyes & it  wouldn’t be the first time!

I arrive on Robinson Road, I think I’m in the right place? High rise buildings everywhere, beautiful city lights. Jump out with all my luggage & there she is – strolling down the road, laughing, shouting & waving at me… Miss Bruce, I have arrived in Singapore!

First stop – FOOD! Almost 11pm but we have dinner on Satay Street, street dining at its finest! As if we don’t talk all day, everyday, we still seemed to be speaking a million miles per hour & had so much to catch up on.

Saturday morning, as much as I wanted to get up & out and make the most of the big city, I could have slept for a week. Casey had just moved into her new apartment, bought a new bed which was TOO comfy & therefore, I just didn’t want to leave it. It was pouring with rain but that wasn’t going to stop us so off we went shopping to the mall & Orchard Road. Full of high street and designer shops, you pretty much have everything you need, except it wasn’t cheap! We had lunch at a cute little place called P.S Cafe & of course some prosecco!



We went home, got ready and within minutes of stepping outside again, I felt sticky & like I needed another shower. I suppose you get used to that with time. We took a taxi to Marina Bay Sands for a drink & of course, the view was amazing! Despite the fact it was windy & pouring with rain, we still went to the top of MBS for a pre party drink…the roof top infinity pool looked incredible. Two of Casey’s friends were celebrating their engagement at their condo which was just around the corner & also amazing! They had hired barmen & the cocktails were delicious, was nice to meet all of Casey’s friends and hear all their stories and what they were doing in Singapore. Then as the alcohol really kicked in, it was onto the karaoke scene! When they said a ‘party bus’ was waiting downstairs, I thought it was just a metaphor! However, they literally meant a PARTY BUS, fully fitted with lights, a bar, music pumping, karaoke & a crazy driver to go with it! I loved it, we need them in the UK 🙌🏼


The night was fun & crazy and I laughed a lot!

Sunday morning, I wake up with a beautiful hangover – of course. Casey took me to this super cute place called Flock Cafe for brunch and it was just what we needed… Then a trip to IKEA. I’m home interior obsessed/love organising so of course I was happy to help Case with her new room. We then took ourselves to the little market in Tiong Bahru where we got an amazing deal on STEAKS – my favourite ❤️🐮  For Sunday dinner, we had steak, creamed spinach & sweet potato, although it wasn’t quite the sweet potato were used to!

Monday & Tuesday, I found myself in the Singapore office! More street food for lunch & then tapas for dinner on Monday eve with lots of sangria & cocktails. My final dinner was with Mother Bruce who flew in on Tuesday Eve. We had tomatoes, mozzarella & pesto to start and then I had truffle oil linguine & red wine for my main which was SO good, I’m actually craving it right now.

I cried when I left her in the taxi. I know we speak all the time but it’s so strange to go from seeing your best friend at work everyday to completely different time zones & almost 7,000 miles from London but until next time..

Thank you for a lovely few days in Singapore. I miss you more than ever. X


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